Cold Headed Screw Department

The cold headed screw department primarily uses a high speed single stamping cold heading machine, which is easy to operate and has a high production efficiency. This department automatically produces various round heads, countersunks, oval heads, inner hexagons and other non-standard head type bolts.

In addition, we are also equipped with a high speed thread rolling machine for further processing the outer surface of the bolts. This allows us to manufacture screw products with complicated structures and a higher production difficulty.

Cold Headed Nut Department

Our main production equipment is the multi-position nut cold heading machine, which not only achieves highly efficient batch production, but also carries out precise location services, making it ideal for hex nuts and non-standard part production.

Our specially equipped nut tapping machine is simple to operate, with a high degree of automation to ensure that processed nut threads are smooth.

Cnc Automatic Workshop

We have the capability to provide customers with CNC turning services. Our CNC workshop is equipped with 27 sets automatic CNC machines to operate multi-coordinate interaction. Simply set up and change the CNC program to process various complicated parts. Due to its high precision and large rigidity, a favorable cutting amount can be chosen, thus the productivity levels are 3 to 5 times higher than other common machine tools, thereby reducing our production costs.

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